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Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2008/01/31 - 12:56pm.

Awarding Body:

Teaching and Learning Centre, UOFC


Rewards and recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in their teaching, research, and service to the University, to their students, and to their discipline.

The recipients must demonstrate exceptional scholarship over a sustained period of time. These awards will also recognize faculty members who have excelled in nurturing a student's desire to conduct research in her/his discipline. The ability of the professor to impart knowledge while challenging his/her students both within and outside the classroom to independent inquiry and creative thought will be an important criterion for these awards.

Any tenured faculty member who has been at the University for a minimum of ten years is eligible. Nominations may be made by Deans, Directors, or Heads of Departments. An interdisciplinary selection committee makes the selections.