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President's Circle Award for Achievement in Teaching Excellence

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2008/01/31 - 1:00pm.

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Recognizes excellence in undergraduate or graduate teaching or both among tenured and initial term faculty. Up to four awards are presented annually, and the award may only be received by the same person once. The main criterion is excellence in teaching of students, as demonstrated through classroom teaching, development of innovative teaching methods, and through support and mentoring of students and colleagues.

The award recognizes that teaching contexts differ throughout the university: this is taken into consideration by the selection committee when assessing nominations. The award may recognize any innovative style of teaching, including the development of different teaching and learning environments. The selection committee considers both the pedagogy and curricular choices of the nominee. Nominations are usually made by the nominee's dean, but may also come from a group of colleagues.

NOTE: The President's Circle Awards for Achievement in Teaching was discontinued in 2002.