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What is the Great Teachers website?

It is a website that profiles professors at the University who have won teaching awards and allows them to share their ideas on teaching.

What is the purpose of the Great Teachers website?

It has two main purposes:
  1. to celebrate great teachers at the UofC - making their accomplishments visible to the university community and beyond, and
  2. to collect some of the ideas and experience of UofC's award-winners in one place and make it easily available to students and faculty.

What is the Teaching & Learning Centre?

The Teaching & Learning Centre is a UofC organization dedicated to teaching and learning support.

Our mission is to provide leadership and support for quality, innovative, inquiry learning approaches to curriculum innovation and research. We also provide leadership and support for the integration of technologies into the learning process.

Location: 531 Biological Sciences, UofC
Phone: (403) 220-4949

Who is eligible to be on the Great Teachers website?

Any full or part-time professor who currently works at the UofC and has won at least one award for his or her teaching may be profiled on the site. Teaching awards may be from within the University (i.e. only open to people teaching at the UofC or in a certain faculty or department) or from organizations outside the university.

Are all the award-winning professors at UofC on the website?

No. We invite anyone who has won an award to be profiled, but it is up to each individual if he or she wishes to be on the website. For a complete list of people who have won certain awards, contact the relevant organizations or departments.

If a professor isn't profiled on the page, or hasn't received a teaching award, does that mean he/she isn't a good teacher?

No. There are many excellent teachers at UofC who have not (yet!) been recognized with awards. However, teaching awards are one way to identify great teachers, as the award is recognition (typically by students and colleagues) for their outstanding work.

I want to nominate somebody for X teaching award. How do I do that?

Look up the award in our Award List. Find the organization or department that administers the award and contact it for information on nominations. See the UofC phone directory for contact information.

I am eligible to be on the Great Teachers website. Whom do I contact to set up a profile?

For all Great Teacher inquiries, email

I am on the Great Teachers website and need to update my profile. How do I do that?

For all Great Teacher inquiries, email

I have a question that isn't answered on this page!

For all Great Teacher inquiries, email