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Barbara Walley, BSc MD FRCPC

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2008/02/20 - 3:39pm.
  • Faculty: Medicine
  • Department: Oncology

Teaching Awards

Great teachers have well-organized courses. What steps do you take to organize your course to facilitate learning?

As the manager for the breast health unit, I coordinate the lecturers and "script" the overall teaching agenda. By reviewing all presentations prior to the course, I am able to eliminate redundant information and ensure that the lectures "flow" in an orderly fashion. Recently, I have organized a "team teaching" concept where a surgeon, radiologist, pathologist and oncologist present the spectrum of breast health issues from benign disease to invasive breast cancer in a coordinated fashion. Through at least one patient presentation, the students are able to see the relevance of what they are learning to "real life". I take student evaluations very seriously, and as I personally sit in on all the relevant lectures, am able to place their comments in the appropriate context. In this manner, I try and build on the course material and presentation style from one year to the next. I believe that presenting educational material in a logical order and in an interesting and somewhat entertaining style is crucial to a good learning environment.