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Dr. Glen E. Bodner

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2008/02/11 - 2:58pm.

Teaching Awards

Great teachers have well-organized courses. What steps do you take to organize your course to facilitate learning?

I teach introductory psychology to 400 students, so organization is key from the beginning to the end of the course. In the first class, I walk the students through the course outline and give them a tour of the course and textbook websites and of the CD that comes with the text, and we even do a sample test. It is important to me that students always know what to expect and where they can go for more information. PowerPoint lectures open with a brief lecture outline and an image or question to get them thinking about the topic. Test questions are also presented using PowerPoint, and are timed so that students begin and finish each set of questions together. Answers are posted on the course website right after the test so students get immediate feedback on their performance. In the last class, I describe the courses for which the students now qualify, so they know where they can go for more psychology. Once the organizational flow for the course is in place, the students can concentrate on learning and I can concentrate on creating as much fun and stimulation as possible within these parameters. We have a good time.