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Dr Hanan Bassyouni

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2008/02/11 - 12:23pm.
Hanan Bassyouni

Teaching Awards

Great teachers foster safe learning environments. How do you create a positive climate for learning?

The broad range of information and great depth of medical knowledge can be overwhelming at the best of times. Therefore, creating a positive learning climate is crucial. I believe that this can be done by following five steps.

The first step is learning as a team where junior and senior team members contribute to the search for clinical answers. The second step is building knowledge on a certain topic gradually, thus avoiding information overload and allowing the information to be applied to patient care in a stepwise manner. The third step is assigning topics related to patients under the student's care as one tends to learn and relate to a certain topic best if practical experience is present. The fourth step is giving the student protected time of fair opportunity to learn about a certain topic. Finally, the fifth step is to guide them to useful specific resources available in their area of research while allowing a degree of self-learning and independence.

These five steps will promote a friendly, non-intimidating environment that will help make learning an enjoyable and fruitful task. This will hopefully allow for retaining this knowledge for the rest of students' careers.