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Dr. Todd Anderson

Submitted by admin on Tue, 2008/02/05 - 4:01pm.
  • Faculty: Medicine
  • Department: Medicine

Teaching Awards

Great teachers have well-organized courses. What steps do you take to organize your course to facilitate learning?

I teach at all levels within the Faculty of Medicine. At the undergraduate level, a well-organized course is especially helpful to students. For the CV course I am responsible for the examination and the atherosclerosis cluster. I do the majority of the teaching in this cluster therefore can control the content. This allows me to build in a logical flow from one lecture to the next. Within this context, I set objectives for each lecture so that all of the content I wish to cover can be covered over the several lectures. There is a horizontal case presentation which helps illustrate the points I wish to make. In addition, slides are available to the students on the web site, simplifying note taking. Although the classes are lecture format, I ask the students a lot of questions to stimulate discussion (and nerves) in a non-confrontational way. I try to employ similar approaches for the nursing students, residents and clinical fellows for both didactic and bedside teaching.