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Gordon Atkins

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2010/08/12 - 11:22am.
  • Faculty: Veterinary Medicine
  • Department: Production Animal Health
  • Position: Senior Instructor, Clinical Skills

Teaching Awards

Great teachers have well-organized courses. What steps do you take to organize your course to facilitate learning?

Well organized lectures are a real priority for effective teaching and learning. I like to begin each lecture with a brief outline of the material we will cover and highlight the important learning objectives. I then try to structure the entire lecture in relation to the learning objectives. We are fortunate in veterinary medicine that we have the opportunity to use so many live, cadaver, or computer animated examples of the course material and I think these are extremely important to use as knowledge sign posts to help students remember and to prioritize the material presented. Finally, I like to finish a lecture with a summary of the material presented and provide a list of take home messages that relate directly to the learning objectives.