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Norm Bartley

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2008/02/11 - 12:17pm.
Norm Bartley

Teaching Awards

Great teachers communicate effectively with students. How do you ensure that content is presented and communicated clearly?

I try to carefully organize the material, both in terms of the course content, but also when trying to explain key, and sometimes difficult, concepts. I try to be as patient as I can in describing these concepts, making every attempt to keep it simple, logical, and trying never to lose sight of where we're going with it and why. Part of this process is to gain a sense of, as well as to anticipate, how well the students are absorbing the material, and I always try to be patient with them if it's clear that they are struggling. I cheerfully invite questions from students during the class at any time, particularly when I am describing certain topics that I struggled with when I was a student. I try to make them very much at ease in these situations. I also advertise an "open-door" policy for help outside the classroom, whether in my office, in the hallways, or by e-mail. I enjoy meeting with students in large or small groups, often totaling many hours each day, where we can patiently work together through their problems.