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Peter Bowal

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2008/02/11 - 3:10pm.
Peter Bowal
  • Faculty: Haskayne School of Business

Teaching Awards

Additional Awards

Most Oustanding Faculty Member, UofC Management, 1993-1994
Best International Professor, Czech Management Centre, 2000

Great teachers involve their students meaningfully in the course. How do you engage your students?

I cannot imagine doing anything else as fun or rewarding as teaching here. I believe that I am unusually blessed to teach a subject - law - in which most people have a natural and abiding interest. It relates so much to our daily lives, so who could not be interested in it? I try to engage students at several levels. At an emotional level, one is invited to feel justice and react to real outcomes. Intellectually, students are encouraged to learn, or further develop, skills of reasoning and supported analysis. This is practised by student discussions in class. At a practical level, one can also show how what we are learning applies in our own lives today and supply current examples of principles in action. At the personal level, I want to learn every student's name and how they are growing as individual human beings at the University of Calgary. This learning is a shared, two-way experience, that is made more fun and effective with a flair for the dramatic and the humourous. Since students are concerned about grades, I endeavour to put different kinds of evaluations on the menu of each course (exams, take-home assignments, research and class contribution), so that every learning style has an opportunity to be expressed and to flourish. I try to make as much of the testing format and content as close to real life as I can, so I emphasize application and I minimize cramming, academic trifles, memorization, etc. I continue every day to be thankful for the privilege I have to learn and share that with other inquiring minds at the University of Calgary.