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Søren Boysen, Veterinary Medicine

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Teaching Awards

Additional Awards

Outstanding Contributions to the Education of Veterinary Students: 2003, Tufts University

Great teachers involve their students meaningfully in the course. How do you engage your students?

Some of the best advice I received was “if you want your students to be motivated and enthusiastic about a topic you also need to be enthusiastic about the topic – enthusiasm is contagious”. This has become a big part of my teaching philosophy. I also believe that the more modalities one uses the more likely one is to appeal to a range of learning styles, and subsequently student engagement. I try to have my students participate in active learning tasks (performing procedures for example). When I ask questions I start with basic questions to increase student participation, confidence and to ensure students are on the same level, then I build from the basics to more advanced topics in a logical sequence. I always try to be positive and supportive. Finally I try to give students course ownership. I want them to know their opinions and feedback are important. At the start of each semester I spend 10 minutes showing feedback from previous years and how the course has evolved as a result of that feedback. I then encourage students to give me feedback, email or visit me if they don’t understand a topic or concept in class.